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RR is a fast and furious board game by Wizards of the Coast(TM). BELIEVE US - it´s one of the best board games of all times. Check out the official Wizards`RR-Homepage for more information!
This is not an official homepage and it is not a commercial one either. We do not sell anything (in fact, it costs us money and nerves to put our stuff in the web). We just want to bring you some expansions to RR, we made ourselves. To play them, you have to buy the RR-game and the extensions RR-Armed & Dangerous(TM), RR- Crash & Burn(TM), RR- Grand Prix(TM) and RR- Radioactive(TM).
So we do not explain these rules, we only describe the new board elements on our boards.
All grafx are made in a design comparable to the original RR- grafic style, so you can use the boards in addition to the original ones (not necessarily instead of them). All grafix are converted into GIF-bitmaps, some loss in quality was unavoidable (sorry...).
We included only rules for the new board elements, which actually appear on the boards in our site. All our rules are optional, they are not necessary to enjoy RR. Feel free to adapt or combine them with others (your own new rules).


UPDATE 1999/01:

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If you have questions, critics, ideas, own boards or rules, please mail us !!!
Martin & Michael

RR, all extension-sets, original board-elements, rules and stuff are copyright and/or trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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